Yvonne R. Davis

President and CEO, DAVISCommunications

Yvonne R. Davis,is an internationally recognized leadership development coach, speaker, and award winning journalist. She is an expert in cross-cultural and global emerging markets, understanding what drives government, private sector, and non-governmental organizations in challenging times to bring insight and viable solutions. Throughout her remarkable 22-year career, she has spearheaded initiatives that impact social and political change, both domestically and internationally. As a hard-hitting political columnist, corporate crisis communication strategist, and seasoned traveler, Ms. Davis has visited 59 countries, enabling her to greatly enhance her knowledge of the world community. She is passionate about critical economic and socio-political issues in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Balkans, and Eastern Europe. She continues to play a crucial role in developing strategies to advance the status of women in these developing regions.

With an impressive background in communication theory and application, leadership, business ethics, and comparative politics, Ms. Davis drives crisis management and negotiation strategy initiatives that are utilized by the public and private sectors. It was through her highly intuitive capabilities and relationship building that she gained great respect as the first woman from the U.S. Consulate of Jerusalem to teach negotiation skills to Palestinian women leaders. She brings this same ability to her business as a coach and consultant, where she works closely with high-level officials and key stakeholders to create a unique vision, develop strong leadership, and effect sustainable results. It is her deep knowledge of public affairs, media, and messaging that enables her to design, launch, and administer far-reaching, impactful social marketing campaigns that educate and influence thinking and behavior.

Ms. Davis was an appointee of President George W. Bush, and is currently appointed by former Governor M. Jodi Rell of Connecticut to the position of Commissioner for the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women. She worked closely with the White House from 2001 to 2005 on housing, small business, HIV/AIDs (AGOA), welfare reform, global trade, and women’s issues. She is a key member of the Board of Directors to World Affairs Council in Connecticut, Vice President of Global Women’s Issues Forum, and member of Board of Directors to Al Waref Foundation (a Middle Eastern policy think tank in Washington, D.C., Lebanon, and Morocco). She serves on the fiduciary board of directors for Connecticut Public Affairs Networks. She is an Ambassador for the Good Will Treaty for Peace. In February 2010, Ms. Davis was bestowed a Humanitarian award by Orphans International, a U.N. sanctioned organization for her work around the world.

Ms. Davis serves the U.S. Department of State in the capacity of enhancing and spreading Public Diplomacy on behalf of the Unites States of America. She is called upon to speak about a myriad of leadership issues related to her areas of expertise inclusive of media and public affairs on a national and global level. She has served/serves in this capacity under former Secretaries of State Colin Powell, Dr. Condolezza Rice and Secretary Clinton – for both the Bush and Obama Administration. Her work transcends politics hence leading to the reason why she continues to be called upon over the last decade.

As evidenced in her thought-provoking writing style, Ms. Davis articulates a unique and “out of the box” viewpoint that compels readers to examine their own ideas. She is a columnist for the Huffington Post and Arab News. She has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, including Russian Magazine, The New York Times, Jerusalem Post, Palestinian Times, Black Enterprise Magazine, New Century Newspaper in Uzbekistan, and Hartford Magazine. Sought out for her expertise, she has been interviewed by NPR, CBC, and BBC World News, Voice of America Persia, and is a well-known lecturer on American politics. Ms. Davis is connected with her audience, delivering in-depth social, media, and intellectual capabilities in a language that is expressive and engaging. She has a talent for taking a complex idea and creating a real-world application that maintain substance, while providing a clear direction.

Ms. Davis is in the dissertation phase of her doctorate degree for the Thierry Graduate School of Leadership in Brussels, Belgium. Her dissertation will be about Compassionate Leadership. She completes her post graduate diploma work in Leadership Studies in October of 2010. This academic study is the equivalent of a third Master’s Degree. Ms. Davis also holds a Master of Science in Leadership and Business Ethics from Duquesne University and a Master of Art in Political Science from the University of Connecticut, and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and Political Science from the University of Hartford, graduating magna cum laude. She completed “The Art and Practice of Leadership,” at the John F. Kennedy School of Government Executive Leadership Program at Harvard University.

Ms. Davis is a Professionally Certified Coach from Duquesne University. With a love for language, Ms. Davis studied French for eight years. She is actively learning Italian through a private tutor and at the Sorrento Lingue in Sorrento, Italy, and she is also studying Arabic with a private tutor. Ms. Davis led an academic roundtable discussion at the Global Women’s Leadership Conference in Dubai, UAE. In June of 2010, Ms. Davis presented in the Court of the Crown Prince of Bahrain on Adaptive Leadership. She developed the Political Leadership class for the University of Hartford’s Politics & Government department and is teaching this course as an upper level Comparative Politics Course.