Z Zoccolante

Author, Actress, Fairytale dreamer. Her debut memoir will help those with eating disorders attain happiness and freedom.

Z Zoccolante is a fully recovered anorexic/bulimic passionately dedicated to assisting others in their recovery. Her work appears in The Huffington Post, Psych Central, elephant journal, Adios Barbie, Peaceful Dumpling, and soon, the Surviving ED blog at In high school she developed a dysfunctional relationship with food, which overshadowed her next decade. After traveling the winding path of recovery, she won her happily ever after, and now uses the knowledge she gained to inspire people and deter others from the pointless path of skinny. She’s thrilled to announce her upcoming memoir, The Twisting War, which reveals the details of her journey, and is meant to help those with eating disorders attain happiness and freedom while also supporting the affected loved ones. For more empowerment around body image, food, and recovery, subscribe to Z’s weekly blog & audio at You can also get her directly at, 310-853-3271, or from her coaching page.