Zahrina Robertson

Leading Personal Branding Photographer + Video Business Strategist

Having worked alongside and photographed International business superstars like Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, Dale Beaumont, Siimon Reynolds, Dannii Minogue to Aviva Dresher and hanging out with Seth Godin and many 1000’s more… Zahrina is your ultimate go to PRESONAL BRANDING EXPERT online and offline. A multi-award winning businesswoman, International leading world-class expert in personal branding, Zahrina Robertson is obsessed with helping entrepreneurs become sizzling magnetics online and offline to help them generate qualified clients 24/7 that say YES! With her extensive knowledge and understanding of personal branding (it’s far more deeper than your logo!) Her effervescent energy has transformed many international business owners mindsets and inspired corporate and business teams to grow in sales and achieve greatness. Creating a Personal Brand that starts from the inside out is Zahrina’s expertise from mindset, personality branding archetypes, style, launching your brand online and how to attract your clients like MAGNETS! Zahrina will lead you on your amazing self discovery journey to uncover the REAL YOU in BRAND YOU! Teamed with her marketing expertise in understanding national and international brands, she has successfully identified the power of personal branding and travels globally, sharing her insights to help people achieve impact, success and profit for their own personal brand. Zahrina was accoladed numerous prestigious international awards recently like - Maverick of the Year - in the 2015 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. She is a renowned international keynote speaker, acclaimed photographer, philanthropist, respected industry author of “MAGNETIC BRANDING – The Complete Guide to A Brand That Attracts!”, a children’s book author, as well as mother and partner.