Zoe Helene

Artist/Activist/Cosmic Sister

Zoe Helene is an artist, activist, and Cosmic Sister.

As Sustainability Correspondent, Zoe’s features cover cosmic sisterhood, the arts and archetypes, conscious style and lifestyle, mind/body/spirit wellness, the animal rights movement, and the rights of children—who are the stewards of the future. She contributes to venues such as Organic Spa Magazine, Conscious Living TV, Organic Authority, and Reality Sandwich.

Zoe is developing Cosmic Sister™, an interactive venue and network connecting kindred spirit women on the path. Zoe is an accomplished artist and expresses fluently across several mediums. She is captivated by the depth and breadth of myth and archetypal psychology as the language of soul, a passion that informs much of her creative work.

Zoe is married to ethonobotanist Chris Kilham, The Medicine Hunter, who she works and travels with extensively, working to promote medicinal plants, environmental protection, and cultural preservation.

The sustainability front-line takes Zoe to inspiring wilderness spaces, but the work also means witnessing man’s inhumanity towards man and nature. Zoe is currently working with wildlife experts and activists in an effort to save the Critically Endangered Maui's Dolphins, New Zealand’s endemic dolphin species, and the world’s smallest and most rare dolphin. She is also an outspoken advocate for wild wolves, dolphins, and wildlife of the world’s rainforests and oceans.