Zoha Qamar

Student at Columbia University

Zoha Qamar, a twenty-year-old writing to reconcile world news and current events through her eyes as a Muslim-American woman in the 21st century, is a junior in engineering studying computer science at Columbia. This summer, she worked as a digital news intern for CNN online, covering stories with the breaking international news desk out of Hong Kong. She published twenty stories available on and helped edit video sequences for CNN social teams. Qamar also contributed to a series of developments in breaking stories, including Cardinal George Pell’s sexual abuse charges and acid attacks in London. Through her current position as a staff writer for, Qamar has collaborated in video series with media platforms in New York City, including CNN, TeenVogue, and National Geographic. Her past work has additionally been featured in Jezebel and Bitch Media, and she is currently completing production on her documentary that chronicled the hopes, struggles, and fears of today's Muslim Americans in especially the greater San Bernardino area. Qamar additionally continues an avid pursuit of languages, including Urdu, Arabic, and Turkish, because she believes that communication and expression are the foundational principles that both trigger the catastrophes of and craft the solutions to our humanity.