"Those British papers really cannot tolerate that Prince Harry loves a Black woman," author Roxane Gay tweeted.
The “Star Wars” actor told Jimmy Kimmel she panicked after her snide clapback.
The cult comedy that many fans thought was canceled too soon is getting another shot … and may include Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Jane Lynch and Ken Marino.
The "30 Rock" actor had joked about Anderson's "fascinating" ability to switch accents, a thinly veiled nod to wife Hilaria Baldwin's Spanish-heritage debacle.
The Dr. Seuss debacle is a case study in the right-wing grievance industry reframing normal, age-old processes as sinister suppression.
The actor's stepdaughter took on Union's role from the 1999 rom-com, while Union stepped into the shoes of her character's best friend, Bianca Stratford.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott gets "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" treatment after widespread criticism for dropping coronavirus restrictions.
The former NBA great capped off his eventful night with a bit in an ambulance.
The late-night host rips Republican Greg Abbott's clueless complaint about the president.
The Marvel star had to use some pandemic creativity for the "Tonight Show" sketch.