“I just spent 15 minutes liking photos of dogs on Instagram. Time well spent.”
The mural was painted by Nikkolas Smith, a former Disney imagineer.
One person sagely noted, "No dystopian fiction could have imagined the present reality."
Appearing on "Ellen" Friday, the Netflix culture guru said the coronavirus lockdown prompted him and Ian Jordan to reevaluate their engagement.
One person interviewed by Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" team said the president's daughter was a "good pick" and her lack of a law degree didn't matter.
"We stick together and we support one another and we don’t kick each other while we’re down," the Good American founder said.
The "Inside The NBA" analyst and former star seized attention with his comments on police reform.
The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer and the actor pledged their undying love on the beach in July.
The "Late Show" host said there's one way to ensure that Trump leaves office after the election.