Jonas performed two singles from his about-to-be-released solo album in his debut as host — and musical guest.
Emmanuel Acho, former NFL player and author of "Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man," will replace the host who stepped aside after a racial controversy.
GOP Sen. Ted Cruz's speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference also came under the spotlight in "The Tonight Show" host's monologue.
"It’s him getting close to freedom from the virus,” said U.K. street artist DIFF, whose 78-year-old father has self-isolated throughout the pandemic.
"The Daily Show" montage spots similarities in the rhetoric of Republicans at the Conservative Political Action Conference and the U.S. Capitol rioters.
"The Coming 2 America" actor reflected on the iconic encounter that was hilariously told by Charlie Murphy on "Chappelle's Show."
"If you don't tell your cat 'big yawn' when they do a big yawn that's neglect."
"My Head & My Heart" also gives the rising pop star a chance to go full-on dance diva. "I feel like we need to boost our moods," she said.
The senator's insistence on defending the former president through thick and thin is mind-boggling, the "Late Show" host said.