DeGeneres and Heche dated from 1997 to 2000.
"cats have the right idea: wake up and scream your little face off until the world gives you what you need"
The singer had previously released an emotional statement announcing her split from husband Patrick Carney.
The country singer's family said releasing the details would inflict “significant trauma and irreparable harm” on her loved ones.
Jason Alexander was married to Spears for less than three days in 2004.
Roberts made it clear she's a bona fide fan of Urban, who is Kidman's husband, after catching one of the country star's recent concerts.
The “Avengers” star posted a childhood photo that revealed he wasn’t a Marvel fan.
The "Saturday Night Live" star exited this year after 11 incredible seasons on the sketch series.
The former celebrity couple broke up in 2005 while the "Wild Things" actor was pregnant with their second child.
The Grammy-award-winning musician is leaving the late-night show to focus on his other interests.