"I love you forever my life giver, my teacher, my mama," the "Grease" actor's only child wrote.
The actor broke his silence about the slap and apologized to Chris Rock in July.
The disgraced "Tiger King," now serving 21 years for animal abuse and attempted murder, said Meester is lobbying President Joe Biden for clemency.
The "Late Show" host says the former president has finally pissed off the wrong group.
"For years I told friends about my brief brush with fame, but it was only in the past few years that I started to wonder about the English TV culture in South Korea."
"We thought it would be something like conspiracy or bribery or blackmail, but no," "The Daily Show" host quipped.
Chicago Police said a person threw an “incendiary device” toward the set in the city’s South Loop neighborhood.
The actor mockingly explains why the search sets a "dangerous precedent."
After getting called out for a cartoonish portrait of the rapper’s face tattooed on his arm, Drake’s father admitted 16 people have tried — and failed — to correct it.
The radio host cryptically tweeted Tuesday that "The breakfast club as you know it is officially over" before revealing she was leaving to start her own show.