Last year, the tattoo artist talked about her decision to throw away her old books about magic, witchcraft and tarot.
Camila Alves revealed in August some of the ways her now mother-in-law put her to the test.
The decision comes after host Drew Barrymore decided briefly to return to the show during the writers strike.
Many find the now-viral video relatable, while others are getting overly huffy about it.
The couple wed in 2021 after meeting on the set of "The Voice" in 2014.
The "Today" style editor said the short-lived romance left her "unexpectedly excited" nearly three years after the loss of her husband.
The gossip kicked off after fans noticed she briefly unfollowed the “One Kiss” singer on Instagram.
The “Snow White” star blasted Barstool Sports’ sophomoric and sexist take on Swift and Travis Kelce’s rumored relationship.
The “She Came to Me” actor said she believes her former co-star is “very busy.”
The actor and singer split with Bieber and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the same year. Now she advocates for mental health.