The Australian actor went on PDA-filled back-to-back dates with the “Dynasty” star.
The comedian was noticeably absent from the season's opening episodes.
Come for the computer-generated animals, stay for Downey Jr.'s wild Welsh accent.
The star-studded sketch, which included Emmy-winning actor Billy Porter, satirized the LGBTQ town hall hosted by CNN earlier this week.
"Saturday Night Live" host David Harbour plays Oscar, a grumpy garbage man who's disillusioned with Sesame Street's crime and darkness.
Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin encouraged puppy Poke to "enjoy that Bling-Bling lifestyle" with her new family.
"Breaking Bad" actor Bryan Cranston led the tributes, calling Forster a “lovely man and a consummate actor”
The reality star shared photos of Psalm, Chicago and Saint participating in the sacred ceremony at the Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin in Armenia.
The royal’s tactic takes the cake when it comes to, uh, sincerely scaring someone?
The former One Direction star is caressed by both women and men in the video, leading many to interpret it as a statement about his sexuality.
The actor told Graham Norton about the time the show's producers had a "look of panic" as if to say, "‘Is it too late to fire him?'"
The actor said he "can't wait" to see the occupant of the White House behind bars.
The industry is often still surprised when films like "Hustlers" hit big at the box office.
Ecuador protests, fire-walking and California wildfires round out this week's most striking images.
The 2020 presidential candidate said star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is her "kind of guy!”
The "Spider-Man" star's new 'do for a movie sparked many hair-raising comparisons, but this one stood out.
The "Sky Is Pink" star and host Jimmy Fallon chow down and catch fire with Sean Evans of "Hot Ones."
The "Late Night" host aired "some of Rudy's greatest and most nonsensical highlights from just the last few weeks."