The "Silver Spoons" and "NYPD Blue" actor donated $150,000 to help free the teen charged with killing two people during a Wisconsin protest.
The CNN host said Trump will forever be remembered as a viciously divisive demagogue "who lied about a pandemic to suit his own interest."
The "Late Night" host won't pine for these Trumpisms once the president is out of the White House.
The "Monty Python" star's professed support of J.K. Rowling, who has repeatedly expressed transphobic sentiments, backfired over the weekend.
On “Good News,” the rapper has run out of f**ks to give.
The actor and singer, who plays transfer student Gina Porter on the Disney+ reboot of the teen franchise, hits the Arizona desert for some spirited fun.
The "Parks and Recreation" star is set to portray the adoptive father to the famous quarterback, whom he called an "American champion."
The show was hosted by Taraji P. Henson and featured other big names including Jennifer Lopez, Doja Cat and many more.
The dancer offended fans recently, prompting an exodus from her account and a tearful plea from the teen.