"I look back, and I'm like, why was I so hard on myself?" the actor said.
“Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, smaller portions!’ Like, shut the f**k up,” the comedian said.
"We’re never going to fix the world. But if we can heal it a little, we’re very happy," the playwright said of his corn-fed show, which is up for nine Tony Awards.
“He just performed with me two weeks ago,” said Amer Zahr, a comedian who toured with him. “He was…known and respected in our community.”
The 11th annual Night of a Thousand Judys is set to feature performances by an array of Broadway and TV stars, and will benefit homeless LGBTQ+ youth.
The actor, who shares two daughters with husband John Krasinski, has previously said that her children "don’t really want to watch us on screen."
Schumer was initially set to play Barbie when Sony Pictures had the rights to the film in 2016.
The country singer spoke about his new Tennessee bar as some conservatives boycott Bud Light for a partnership with a transgender influencer.