The 36-year-old "Insecure" creator joked that the photos were part of an "impromptu photo shoot" and credited a wedding company for making it feel "so real."
The "Don’t Go Yet" singer defended the "spray tan" worn by a member of her "Tonight Show" ensemble.
The newly confirmed couple celebrated Lopez's birthday in St-Tropez at L'Opera with plenty of drinks, kisses and cuddling.
The team wore shorts instead of mandated bikini bottoms at a championship match.
The "Last Week Tonight" host said it's not about slavery in this case, but something much more recent.
On Instagram, Ryan Dorsey described 5-year-old Josey as "an intuitive soul," adding, "He misses you but knows he’ll see you again."
The HBO limited series is the latest in the plentiful well of shows about the absurdities and follies of the uber-wealthy and privileged.
“My mom gets so annoyed when she wakes up and sees me hovering over her with a trombone,” Peet Montzingo told HuffPost.
The Oscar winner will star alongside Leslie Odom Jr. in a three-film "continuation" of 1973's head-spinning classic. The first movie is due out in 2023.
France stunned the Americans, 83-76, and fans are shocked.