The director told HuffPost about the docuseries and coming to terms with his own complicated feelings about the disgraced entertainer.
Aidy Bryant's obsequious Cruz also begs Donald Trump: "Hit me, choke me, spit in my face. I just want to stay in the mix.”
The actor called her only son "a bright light who cared so deeply about the happiness of others" following his death.
“I’m your average American who believes in limited government, my body, my choice, for men, and suppressed voting rights for alternatively skinned people.”
The legendary group canceled the tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of their album, "The Score," citing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.
The "Golden Girls" star told fans to "stick around" in the clip recorded just days before she died at the age of 99.
"How did they get a hold of our screenplay???" the pop star parodist lightheartedly responded to Stephen Colbert's spoof trailer.
Suggestive sketch suddenly includes "Three Guys Who Just Bought a Boat."
The Tony nominee stars in the stage adaptation of the 1993 Robin Williams movie and believes the show's message is more vital than ever.
“We are absolutely in the stages," Packer said on "Good Morning America."
"The White Lotus" actor said that she's experienced "a lot of cool things" since the singer and talk show host helped her out of a "dead zone."
"We are overjoyed," the couple said in their Instagram announcement.
“I’m gonna find Jake,” the five-time Grammy winner told Stephen Colbert when asked if she'd heard from Swift's ex about the scarf's whereabouts.
The two paid $280,100 for the decommissioned boat and plan to turn it into New York’s hottest club.
"my toxic trait is saying 'what?' when my cat meows and expecting a legitimate answer"
The supermodel said that Talley's "unconditional love and support" for her "never wavered."
Anderson died at a hospital in Las Vegas of complications from cancer, his publicist said.
The rock icon said he told the royal "I don't give a s**t who you are" during filming for the “It’s A Royal Knockout” TV show in 1987.
The two-time gold medalist will have to survive this training run to go for more in Beijing.
It is one of the most misunderstood lyrics of all time.