The now-sober "Jackass" alum recently asked Maher to refrain from smoking weed while he appeared on Maher's podcast.
The singer and daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith got real about people thinking she's only successful because of her parents.
After letting out a blood-curdling scream, Jennette poked fun at her dramatic reaction as she joked: “That’s what my next memoir’s about!”
"So that's it, huh? We're some kind of SUICIDE SQUAD?"
The viral "digital guillotine" calls for fans to block celebs who haven't expressed support for Gaza. But the outcome may be more disappointing than effective.
“Doing this on her album release day is so nasty,” one person wrote on X.
The mustachioed character actor specialized in smarmy villains like the chauvinist boss in “9 to 5” and the nasty TV director in “Tootsie.”
The Netflix series wrapped up in March with Clay leaving AD at the altar — but there's still plenty of drama that has unfolded since then.
Brooke Schwartz, who is married to former Chiefs offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz, also questioned Butker's choice of Taylor Swift lyrics.
"I think my dog is just using me for my walks"