Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav recently teased the film's upcoming release, in spite of Miller's arrests and various allegations against the star.
The former couple share two sons, who Federline claimed have chosen not to see their mother for months.
The stylized action romp starring Brad Pitt arrived with a $30.1 million opening weekend.
When Danielle Grier Mulvenna tweeted a photo of her smiling baby girl and noted her eerie resemblance to Woody Harrelson, the actor took notice.
Durham died Friday in Melbourne's Alfred Hospital after an extended battle with lung disease.
Philadelphia reporter Sheila Watko said she would "NEVER recover" from catching Tina Knowles' attention.
A rep for the reality star confirmed in July that the couple was expecting a second child via surrogate despite no longer being together.
The couple found that their demanding schedules made it really difficult to maintain a relationship, a source told E! Online.
"I am NOT paying 5k for a dog unless it’s Brian griffin"
While Castro's daughter Alina Fernandez supported Franco's casting, actor John Leguizamo and others accused the filmmakers of cultural appropriation.