Horror icon says there's no mystery about what the president has done.
"Last Week Tonight" host wants you to use the census to get back at the president.
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The Elizabeth Banks-directed reboot bombed at the box office with an $8.6 million domestic haul.
"Nobody owns cinema. We don't own cinema. You don't own cinema. Scorsese doesn't own cinema," Anthony Russo said.
The singer transformed into chihuahua -- dog collar and all -- in a delightfully bizarre musical sketch.
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He also debuts his new song, "Watermelon Sugar" — and throws shade at Zayn Malik.
The Reddit co-founder also publicly celebrated the special day by posting an Instagram photo of his "ride or die."
"It really was a humbling day to marry someone so amazing," the "Queen & Slim" screenwriter said.
Some accused the model of hypocrisy for promoting polar bear conservation while working with a company that uses real fur for its coats.
Witherspoon had a cameo as Jennifer Aniston's on-screen sister Jill Green in the hit sitcom.
A familiar face takes the spoof #MAGACHALLENGE title.
“Choose Your Heroes Wisely!" the actor wrote on his depiction of Donald Trump's longtime associate.
The rapper and his choir performed at two different jail facilities in Houston.