“It was literally lovemaking ... It was beautiful,” the “Worth It” singer said on the "Armchair Expert" podcast.
Rose, who used to organize a feminist protest called SlutWalk, recently endorsed Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential election.
"I just don’t feel comfortable until things change," the "Uncut Gems" actor said of her decision to remain celibate.
The rapper failed to mention a few key things in his pathetic plea for forgiveness — but some people praised him anyway.
The political satirist channels Dolly Parton in “9 to 5” takedown of Trump that really works.
Trump, played by Sebastian Stan, has sex with his wife Ivana (Maria Bakalova) in a scene that some viewers say is a depiction of rape.
In "The Substance," Moore plays an aging celebrity who resorts to a fictional drug to clone herself as a younger, prettier version.
Ufologist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos accused Fabian Nicieza of knowing nothing about Deadpool, not realizing that the comic book writer helped create the superhero.
Riley Keough has sued to block a public auction of the rock and roll icon's Memphis, Tennessee property.
The announcement came just months after the former "Bachelor" star launched a podcast that documents his journey to becoming a dad.