The late-night host puzzles his way through Trump's latest airing of his grievances.
“You guys are horrible,” Mike Lindell said, then stormed off.
Texas is spending millions on a border wall project while its power grid crumbles.
The reality star filed for divorce from her third husband in February.
The Lip Kit founder also told Andy Cohen why she kept her pregnancy a secret from the "KUWTK" cameras and the general public.
The "Maleficent" star has been spotted at her ex-husband's apartment twice in one week.
The network's double standards to defend Donald Trump were laid bare by the "Late Night" comedian.
Both the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry are on parental leave following the birth of their daughter, Lili.
The actor praised her character's evolution over the past decade ahead of the release of the stand-alone "Black Widow" film.
The b-oink-ers upcoming movie seems like it's basically "Taken" but with a pig.