The comedian condemned the streaming service's CEO for using her name to defend Chappelle’s transphobic jokes.
"I am so obsessed with her," the talk show host said in a segment that provided small-space tips.
“I don’t even go there," the Logan Roy actor told CNBC.
The breach-of-contract lawsuit alleges that the damages to Cher total at least $1 million.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback led his team over the Philadelphia Eagles.
"It’s a real struggle," the "Solar Power" artist told David Byrne for Rolling Stone.
Matthew Loeb, president of the IATSE union, says film and TV crews are burnt out on long days and no rest — and the streaming era has made it worse.
But the outgoing 007 brushed off a question from Kevin Hart about who his successor will be.
A law firm warned the Canadian drama series that the future rap star would leave the show unless his character Jimmy Brooks walked again.
The former president is leading a very early charge in the nonexistent "War on Christmas."