"Succession" showrunner Jesse Armstrong broke down who "lost what they wanted" as the HBO series came to an end on Sunday.
The actor from the classic sitcom also shared how Bob Saget’s death led him to reconnect with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
The comedian also gushed about how his daughter Heaven is “the best big sister ever” to her three siblings.
Fonda has starred in four films with Redford, but said he can be difficult to work with.
Several fans captured an angry-looking Gomez at the show.
Peter King responded to critics who ripped Disney for not hiring a queer artist to do makeup for Melissa McCarthy's Ursula.
Foo Fighters' lead singer Dave Grohl also invited his daughter Violet Grohl to perform onstage as the band tackled a set at Boston Calling on Friday.
Ed Ames, the youngest member of the Ames Brothers, was also known for solo hits like "My Cup Runneth Over" and "When the Snow Is on the Roses."
The actor caused a stir on social media when she revealed that she splits "everything 50/50" with the retired NBA star.