Hamm recalled what happened behind the scenes following a 2010 Emmys sketch with the “Golden Girls” icon.
The movie was about 75% of the way through filming when the argument between actor Pugh and actor-director Wilde allegedly took place.
John, who played his first White House gig in roughly 24 years, performed classic songs including "Rocket Man" and "Tiny Dancer" on Friday.
"Until you have a dog you don't understand what could be eaten."
Long has received an outpouring of love online — including an effusive statement of support from Rep. Jamaal Bowman.
The woman, identified only as Effie, hinted in social media posts that Chambers had encouraged her to come forward — which Chambers denied.
The musician, once signed to DeGeneres' record label, told Rolling Stone the "opportunistic" talk show host "abandoned" him after his music underperformed.
The anonymous messages come as conservatives wage a culture war over events and books with LGBTQ or racial justice themes.
Grantham pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of his mother Barbara Waite in their British Columbia home.
Director Greg Mottola said he also gave back some of his salary, though not as much as the "Mad Men" star: "He’s richer than me."