Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey spoke out about the controversy while Fischer made an excellent point.
"It’s always nice to do something massive for your opening shot," the actor told The New York Times.
She wrote in her new book she "felt blindsided" with news that her ex was dating singer Jessie J.
The "Borat" star tore into the Facebook CEO with a metaphor about a restaurant owner and neo-Nazis.
"Giuliani, here we go again, lie lie, how can we believe you?" the YouTube political comedian sings.
The "Friends" star went back in time for her third-ever post on the platform.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spoke about their trouble with the media spotlight in a new interview.
Barcelona protests, a baby flamingo and an all-woman spacewalk round out this week's best images.
The late night host hits the president's eldest son for hypocrisy.
Stephen Kijak's documentary traces the "Wizard of Oz" star's marriage to third husband, Sid Luft, and features Jon Hamm and Jennifer Jason Leigh.
The actor, beloved as "HTGAWM's" Connor Walsh, joined DJ Elephante to form the musical duo Diplomacy. Their debut single is out this week.
The "How Long" singer won the Geller Cup for his sitcom recall.
"We fell into each other’s arms," the pop star later joked about the tumble during her "Enigma" residency in Las Vegas.
The actor joins Zoe Kravitz, who will play Catwoman in the Robert Pattinson-led cast.
The alleged assault occurred while Rodman was celebrating his 58th birthday in Delray Beach, Florida.
"The Daily Show" dug up the president's comments last year that he would "never forget" the Kurds' sacrifice in the battle against ISIS.
The Tommy Hilfiger look chosen by the matriarch of the KarJenner clan for the annual Vogue fete was not well-received by her daughters.
The Kylie Cosmetics mogul's singing turned into a major meme this week, but Stormi only wants to listen to dad Travis Scott.