Twitter users didn't miss the boat in mocking the Team USA preppy "yacht" vibe.
The pair, who have not publicly confirmed they're back together, appeared in an Instagram photo for the first time since their rumored romantic redux.
The actor’s firm stance comes as COVID-19 cases surge in California due to the delta variant.
“My dad’s two dogs expelled from dog daycare due to forming a ‘dog gang.’”
The U.S. soccer star even pretended to bear the flag that was to be carried by fiancée Sue Bird in the actual ceremony.
A practice attempt went awry and his face wasn't the same.
Speaking to "Good Morning America," the country artist said he hadn't thought about whether his recent outburst was indicative of a race issue in his genre.
"The Late Show" host shows how they're trying to evade detection on Facebook.
The 15,000-sq.ft. mansion has been empty for at least two years.