Heche's son Homer Laffoon filed paperwork in September to assume control over her estate. He's been fighting his mother's ex-boyfriend ever since.
Cyrus posted an audio snippet of a voicemail she’d received from the Foo Fighters drummer prior to his death this spring.
Bieber said in a recent interview that Gomez’s fans continuously bully her because they believe she “stole” Justin Bieber.
With the Cardinal Divas, Princess Isis Lang wanted a safe space for other Black students at the LA school. She didn’t expect so many people to be mad about it.
Earlier this month, "The Masked Singer" host announced the birth of his ninth child, a girl he fathered with former “Price Is Right” model LaNisha Cole.
“I love a cat who has a lot to say. ‘meow meow meow’ you’re so right. i adore you. say more.”
The "Black Swan" actor explained that she surrendered to her two kids' relentless knocking on the bathroom door and abandoned all hope of privacy.
The "Let Me Be… Next Level Energy” collection is an expansion on the rapper’s deal with the sportswear label.
The "Late Night" host tore into the wild conspiracy theories spread by the wife of a Supreme Court justice.
Director Kathryn Ferguson re-centers the singer-songwriter as the icon she rightly is. But that comes with limitations.