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The series finale of the HBO dramedy did exactly what it needed to do — and then some.
The Tony nominee is not a fan of the classic 1959 film with an all-white cast. Co-writing the Broadway musical helped turn its story into something she could love.
Disney’s awkward retread of the 1989 classic attempts a more progressive story with a Black lead, but is ultimately shallow in every way.
Writer-director Nicole Holofcener returns with a deeply satisfying relationship comedy that finds emotional connection through human fallibility.
The Netflix series was absolutely horrific when it premiered last year, but it turns out the new franchise is far more bearable when men are not involved.
"Her songs spoke to me about my own life in a language I instantly understood. It was like every light in every gloomy room in my body suddenly came on."
"That thing about Black shows back then,” said Ceci, “Black shows did not get the same budget as white shows."
Everybody was beefing, settling scores and processing years of trauma on the HBO show’s newest episode.
With the Disney live-action film on the way, here's a splashy list of novels worth your time.