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A New York-based museum is reexamining bold acts of the past, such as barrel trips and tightrope walks near the famed falls.
The viral "digital guillotine" calls for fans to block celebs who haven't expressed support for Gaza. But the outcome may be more disappointing than effective.
The Netflix series wrapped up in March with Clay leaving AD at the altar — but there's still plenty of drama that has unfolded since then.
“I paint the world as I see it,” the artist said of his portrayal of Gina Rinehart, a mining heiress and billionaire who's painted with a double chin and droopy features.
Apple TV+’s new heist series about the unbelievable true story of Huey P. Newton’s 1974 escape to Cuba raises questions about Black mythmaking.
In part 1 of the new season, Lady Whistledown finally gets her close-up — and the rest of the "Bridgerton" characters wrestle with change, too.
I couldn’t understand the message of Alice Walker’s work until I grew into Black womanhood.