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The former MTV journalist details racist experiences she suppressed at the network, and what she now understands about white supremacy.
“I realized that if I am brave enough to let people watch me enjoying sex, then I don’t have shame for anything else.”
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Movies like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Aloha" put white characters at the forefront while Pasifika people served as mere plot devices.
For the first time, I saw what it meant for someone to be surrounded by elders who are always mourning a lost home.
Many underrepresented TV writers aren’t being empowered to run their own shows or advance to leadership roles, as an annual survey of TV writers finds.
The Black Film Archive highlights the many ways Black culture has shown up in films from the past, and tells you where you can stream them.
The Brooklyn-born musician is using her music and her role at Zora to bridge the digital gap for marginalized folks in the metaverse.
The 21-year-old internet star talked about being mentioned by Adele, growing up Black and queer in the South, and creating community online.
The reality star and mother talks about what it took to get her to return to MTV, having tough conversations about race, and what's changed.