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The Netflix executive loves the intersection of internet and entertainment — and is finding ways to make sure Black audiences are being served the content they deserve.
Our annual list of artists, activists, entertainers and entrepreneurs who are changing the way we think about the world around us.
The artist has been dissecting algorithm bias on social media, and she wants users — especially Black and brown people — to reclaim their space online.
The Los Angeles-based model is building a career around making art and advocating for people with disabilities.
From "Succession" to "Watchmen," the Emmy Award-winning writer is changing the TV landscape — and empowering others to do the same.
Playground Coffee Shop is fighting food insecurity, centering its Black and brown neighbors and holding the restaurant industry accountable.
The activist is using Instagram to spur Black Lives Matter supporters into action.
The Ghanaian American photographer is increasing Black visibility in the media with Tonl, See In Black and other projects.
The "SNL" actor and host of popular podcast "Las Culturistas" is leading TV's changing comic tide.
The “Coming 2 America" actor’s path began on the stage with stand-up comedy. Now he’s starring alongside comedy greats.