There’s a very familiar character in “State of Terror.”
Random House expects to release the book, currently untitled, late in 2022.
Trump was taken to the White House bunker during protests last year over the police killing of George Floyd.
"For Trump, the goal is almost entirely the media attention," Wolff told a reporter. "Good, bad, indifferent, doesn’t matter.”
The past year has turned us all into at-home imbibing experts, but these books prove we still have much to learn.
The Duke of Sussex's news coincided with his first public appearance in the U.S. since the birth of his daughter, Lilibet.
The essay collection will show what “really makes her tick” as she writes about marriage, motherhood and her career in show business.
Alexandra Brodsky told HuffPost about her new book "Sexual Justice," which explores sexual violence and deeply rooted misunderstandings about due process.