Erotic romance novels are getting a much-needed refresh, and experts say it's for the benefit of women’s sexual wellness.
The "Late Show" host dives into the revelations of a new book about the ex-president.
The reported threat is detailed in a new book on Trump by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.
"I have more books to write and more stories to dismantle this system. And I’ll be damned if anyone denies my right to write them."
The anonymous messages come as conservatives wage a culture war over events and books with LGBTQ or racial justice themes.
Mantel was credited with reenergizing historical fiction with “Wolf Hall” and two sequels about the 16th-century English powerbroker Thomas Cromwell.
Shiva Rajbhandari, 18, beat out an opponent endorsed by a local far-right group that had harassed officials and supported banning books.
But the Republican senator also reportedly called Trump a "lying motherf**ker," according to an account in The Independent of "The Divider."
The Colombian-American author's new book "Lightlark" was rejected numerous times — until she went directly to her readers for support.