With the Disney live-action film on the way, here's a splashy list of novels worth your time.
The author announced his diagnosis in a video posted to Vlogbrothers, a YouTube channel he runs with his brother, novelist John Green.
The GOP senator's new book on manliness is getting trashed by critics.
“My head was pounding, my jaw was clenched, and I was starting to raise my voice,” writer J.R. Moehringer revealed.
The best-selling "Bridgerton" novelist worked with Shonda Rhimes to turn a TV script into a book about Queen Charlotte.
The bestselling author urged all Republican lawmakers to stop the distractions and focus on this key issue.
If the more than 100 bills in state legislatures aiming to ban books fail, lawmakers want to cut library budgets — which could mean cuts to resources for America's most vulnerable.
For the book lovers who want more fairies, pirates and lost boys.
The announcement is part of a campaign that gathered more than 125,000 signatures to honor the late soccer great’s impact beyond his sport.