One person compared the former Trump aide's antics in court to "a slow-rolling comedy sketch."
“I absolutely do not believe that racism is practiced against white writers," the bestselling author said.
The author, who is white, told British newspaper The Times that job difficulties were "another form of racism."
The former "Reading Rainbow" host said banned books are "where the good stuff is."
The bestselling author told Seth Meyers he almost embraced the woman before witnessing the theft.
Proceeds from the sale of the fireproof book will benefit PEN America, which advocates for free expression worldwide.
The show’s writers were quick to reassure “Uncle Stevie” on this one.
However, the former White House adviser also said she and her husband spent the weekend together with family.
The former MTV journalist details racist experiences she suppressed at the network, and what she now understands about white supremacy.
Donald Trump's former White House adviser told People that “love must come with respect and ... a modicum of class and dignity.”