Earlier this month, "The Masked Singer" host announced the birth of his ninth child, a girl he fathered with former “Price Is Right” model LaNisha Cole.
The West Coast rapper offered up some ganja in the name of an Alzheimer’s charity, according to the actor.
Bieber said in a recent interview that Gomez’s fans continuously bully her because they believe she “stole” Justin Bieber.
After years of delays, Robert Eggers will finally helm the ominous vampire project, with Bill Skarsgard set to play the lead.
Heche's son Homer Laffoon filed paperwork in September to assume control over her estate. He's been fighting his mother's ex-boyfriend ever since.
The "Black Swan" actor explained that she surrendered to her two kids' relentless knocking on the bathroom door and abandoned all hope of privacy.
“It’s been one of my greatest challenges. It’s been one of my greatest joys," said the South African-born comedian. But it's time to move on.
The actor came under fire on Twitter after many fans called the gesture “tacky.”
The pop-country star said “there was no room for debate” with the iconic TV show host.