"I am stunned that you are my husband," Lohan wrote alongside a selfie with Bader Shammas.
In recent years, one hot sign of fame is having a personal brand of cannabis.
The realty reality star spoke candidly to Vogue about abortion rights, television and her recently revealed relationship with the Australian singer.
The guitar the former Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive leader used to write hits like "American Woman" was stolen in Toronto and recovered in Tokyo.
“I know he is in great hands and surrounded by loving support and the best medical teams available and his beautiful wife Kourtney," she said.
The 26-year-old NFL player's death has been ruled an accident after an autopsy.
“We will not back down, we will not give in and we will not stop fighting until there is equality for all Americans,” the actor wrote on Instagram.
The brothers spoke about their late mother, the princess of Wales, who died 25 years ago.
"We’re not happy all the time every day,” the 34-year-old candidly admitted in a new interview.
"I was deeply unhappy, barely containing secrets that would soon devastate me emotionally and send me to the brink of suicide at the height of my fame."