“Despite everyone being delightful to work with, I felt out of place,” Page writes in his memoir, "Pageboy."
There's a reason people are deeply invested in the "Midnights" singer's personal life. But when does that interest become unhealthy?
The artist said her dog, Petunia, was her “one and only” reason for living in the wake of her devastating divorce.
The actor said his wife “deserves” a reprieve from his busy Hollywood career — and he plans to eventually move to a French village with her “to level that out.”
“I put on the flip-flops. And then everybody’s like, ‘What a statement! Wow!’”
The "Sex and the City" star said friends finally told her about some work that "didn’t look good."
"I'm like, 'Wait, don't look at me!'" the reality star admitted.
The stand-up star dated former NBC executive Ted Harbert for four years until they split in 2010.
The 49-year-old mother of three said she now wonders why she ever dated or married men.
"I can’t let those old habits easily come into my life," the reality star said on "The Kardashians."