More than 1 billion trolled -- and counting.
The actor said the decision to simultaneously release the film in theaters and on Disney+ breached her contract and deprived her of potential earnings.
The streaming service announced the movies and shows arriving soon.
Whitaker is the 13th actor, and first woman, to play the titular Doctor since the show began in 1963.
The 40-year-old followed Jennifer Lopez's lead with a dramatic and saucy Instagram revealing her relationship.
The slice is in pretty great condition, considering it was made 40 years ago.
Shakira, 44, denied any wrongdoing when she testified in June 2019.
The sickening variant received some sick burns from the Comedy Central show.
The inventor of the Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ was famous for his sayings "Set it, and forget it!" and "But wait, there's more!"
A statement from the actor's representatives confirmed that he is recovering.