The Los Angeles Lakers star announced that he's dedicating the upcoming NBA season to his elder son.
The internet has been awash in rumors about a possible romance between the pop star and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.
"I am floored," the "Halloween" actor wrote in a glowing Instagram post.
Schwarzenegger spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about the Hollywood strikes and how he almost mangled one of his most iconic lines.
The “Queen’s Gambit” star married her beau in Italy roughly two years after the two met at the premiere of her Netflix hit.
The actor said that he is "massively" rewarded for those habits, which makes them difficult to quit.
Jennifer McBride, one of the five people involved in the robbery, initially sued the singer for the reward and $1.5 million in additional damages.
The former president is ticked that the late-night hosts are back and already making fun of him.
The Fleetwood Mac legend unveiled her miniature during a concert at Madison Square Garden on Sunday.