“Thank you Queen," Adele wrote as the film debuted on Disney+.
The singer appeared during a virtual memorial service on the third anniversary of the London fire that claimed the lives of 72 people.
Appearing on "The Talk" this week, Osbourne said she believes "really big women" are never "really happy" in their bodies.
How many more times are we going to congratulate a woman for being thin?
The "Hello" singer shared a rare new picture of herself and signaled she was already done with 2020.
The singer also appeared to confirm the release date of her upcoming album.
Chris Dwan and Will Van Dyke aim to strike a balance of "tongue-in-cheek optimism" and "pound-the-pavement angst" on their latest single and video.
The "Hello" singer's festive attitude at her party is your holiday mood.
The rapper seemingly confirmed that the two hitmakers were working on an "epic" new song.