Alec Baldwin

People wondering how Hitler took control of Germany should "simply watch" the GOP-controlled Senate, the actor suggested.
“Ok, I’m guilty, but it ain’t no thang," Baldwin's Trump admits.
Rachel Dratch's Sen. Amy Klobuchar said the only cave she goes to is a "man cave" — the Senate.
The wife of actor Alec Baldwin said she hit "rock bottom" when she lost another child this month.
As for Sondland, Alec Baldwin's Trump says: "I know him, but I don't KNOW him know him."
The yoga instructor, who had a previous miscarriage in April, posted a heartbreaking video with her 6-year-old daughter.
Panelists on "The View" discussed the disappointing reality that such behavior should be deemed heroic.
The actor is once again hinting at eventually leaving his "Saturday Night Live" role.
The "Motherless Brooklyn" actor became a pantsless Jimmy Fallon guest in a revealing moment.
The "sharp, savvy" New Yorkers opted not to take a shuttle to New Jersey, as directed by ticket hustlers.
Kate McKinnon's Giuiliani spills it all on CNN in the late-night show's cold open.
"I am delighted to say, 'Uno mas Baldwinito,'" the actor wrote on Instagram.
His faux alternative to Comedy Central's "brutal" Alec Baldwin insult fest will make sure you don't take offense.
The NBA star earned laughs from the 1976 Olympic champion in a racy routine.
"She wants to have another one," the actor told Kevin Nealon on "Hiking With Kevin."
Another familiar face, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, has previously said he wouldn't reprise that role this fall.
"They should find somebody who wants to do it," Baldwin said.
Alec Baldwin's Trump boasts he's on “cruise control to a second term and there’s nothing the Democrats in Congress can do about it.”
The actor honored his dad on the 36th anniversary of his death.