Alex Trebek

Fans reacted as the host returned for his 36th season after revealing he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
The longtime host, who underwent treatment for pancreatic cancer, announced he'll be coming back to the game show.
Holzhauer donated $1,109.14 to a pancreatic cancer walk in the name of the venerable game show host, who has been fighting the disease.
"I knew I wasn't going to go on a long streak," Emma Boettcher said after falling in her third title defense.
Host Alex Trebek dubbed her "the giant killer" in her first match since she ended James Holzhauer's dominant run.
A few viewers celebrated that they knew something the record-breaking champ didn't.
The gambling disclosure spiced up a routine 30th consecutive victory as Holzhauer neared Ken Jennings' earnings record.
"It's kind of mind-boggling," the "Jeopardy!" host said.
The host revealed excruciating details of his struggle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
The "Jeopardy!" host joked about getting the "sympathy vote" in accepting his award for Outstanding Game Show Host.
The "Jeopardy!" host bared his soul on "Good Morning America."
The game show host also told "Good Morning America" that Holzhauer's run has changed his perception about all-time champ Ken Jennings' record.
One Twitter user told the show, "Holy hell y’all scared me with the comment on this I thought this was his goodbye video."
The "Jeopardy" host says even Watson, the IBM computer, sent him a get well card.
"Jeopardy!" champ Austin Rogers offers a beautiful tribute to the beloved game show host.
"In a time of shallow beliefs and rampant truth abuse in our politics and beyond, every night he makes facts first."