Ali Wong

The “Always Be My Maybe” star recalled how encouraging her father was even when she was struggling in her career.
The comedian told Jimmy Kimmel about how her dad would be ecstatic to show up to her "not-so-well-attended shows."
The rom-com gag reel might be as funny as the movie itself.
"Always Be My Maybe" co-stars Park and Ali Wong sat down for a game of Vicebreaker.
The “Baby Cobra” comedian shared how Reeves pitched and improvised many of his hilarious bits in “Always Be My Maybe.”
Ali Wong and Randall Park's rom-com lovingly portrays a range of characters who subvert stereotypes, while not making Asian identity a central plot point.
He technically plays himself in the Netflix rom-com, but Wong says the real Reeves is a much nicer guy.
The much-anticipated new Randall Park-Ali Wong film transports us to the heyday of the American rom-com — with a few refreshing changes.
“Instead of playing the diva game and making it all about herself, she always took time out, even on her days off to make sure everyone ELSE on set was ok,” Kim said of Wong in an Instagram post.
Park, who stars in the movie with Ali Wong, revealed that art was imitating his real life.
The comedian talked to Ellen DeGeneres about "Always Be My Maybe," which is earning praise for shattering stereotypes about Asian women.
“I think it's a really great time in our culture, our society to be more inclusive and to be telling all of these stories.” The stars of the new Netflix rom-com “Always Be My Maybe” spoke about how diverse storytelling has changed in Hollywood.
A LOT of people are into Keanu whispering "I missed your thighs" in the trailer for "Always Be My Maybe."
Adulthood is weird, but these bird BFFs take it on with style in a new Netflix show.
“Primates are all the same,” the comedian said in the caption of her brilliant post.
The Netflix movie, "Always Be My Maybe," boasts a stacked cast including Daniel Dae Kim and Keanu Reeves.
The comedian has two daughters with her husband, Justin Hakuta.