Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd and more also remembered their late co-star Brittany Murphy.
Fans on Twitter are torn on whether they want a remake of the ’90s teen classic.
The "Clueless" star and her longtime love were married in 2005.
The 40-year-old actress bares her opinion on wool in a PETA ad.
Based in the plant-based mecca of Los Angeles, Porter could eat out every day, "but when I step into the kitchen and start
It was 20 years ago that Amy Heckerling's film Clueless updated Jane Austen's Emma, with Alicia Silverstone as a Beverly Hills teenager who thinks she can fix everyone. It is an enduring favorite thanks to its iconic fashions, quotable dialogue and irresistible young performers.
As Clueless turns 20 years old this coming Sunday, I feel stunned. I don't so much feel old like I did when Mean Girls turned 10 or when I saw that picture of baby Emma from Friends as a pretty teenager. Instead, I'm just in the same awe I have been since I first fell in love with this movie.
‘Clueless’ officially turns 20 on July 19th and we’re planning one hell of a party with the Hait-ians
They actually have way normal lives for teenage girls.
Melissa Ross' new play, Of Good Stock, a Manhattan Theater Club production, directed by Lynne Meadow, belongs to the genre of literature that illuminates family misery as unique, and universal.
Every so often a playwright has two plays or even more open almost simultaneously. The scheduling coincidence (?) tempts a more taut assessment of where the playwright is in his or her career.
Photo by: Joshua Shaub Based in the plant-based mecca of Los Angeles, Porter could eat out every day, "but when I step into
I'm drawn to Drew Barrymore for a myriad of reasons: we're around the same age, we both found our mates and had children at a late age (and within a year of each other), we've both experienced growth through sobriety, and I generally feel that we'd have a lot to talk about.
Poor ole' plaid gets a bad wrap, i.e. slutty schoolgirls, your grandmother's ridiculously overdone curtains, and who could forget, the Burberry-wearing prepsters. But, it's making a serious come back -- more urban cool and less Hot Topic-y.
Blake Little's work -- much like Blake Little the man -- doesn't need to make a lot of noise to be noticed. At their best, Little's portraits capture the precise moment the well-known subject is communicating a hushed inner message.
"In Miami, if you really want to move the needle, you don't preach to the choir, you talk to everybody. Plant-based living