The "10 to Watch" program at the Hamptons International Film Festival used to be called "Rising Stars," from which a very
Although this film lacks any adult language, it still has a considerable amount of adult content so I recommend it to ages 13 to 18.
Movie Review - Jackie K Cooper "The Light Between Oceans" (DreamWorks) "The Light Between Oceans" is a movie based upon a
In this year of mostly misfiring big budget genre films, the rather belated return of star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass to the 'Jason Bourne' espionage franchise is a rare solid success.
  10 Books Coming to a Movie Theater Near You Stedman bravely builds her story in that gray zone of character, both Tom's
This dramatic action film doesn't contain one single joke and it is not a romance flick either. The characters experience
Jason Bourne is back with a vengeance, overshadowing, out-running and over-thinking modern mayhem movies. Into the midst of summer bursts Bourne -- smart, edgy, ambivalent about its mission but not its message -- both cinematic and political.
Several years after Bourne's disappearance in The Bourne Ultimatum, he is discovered hiding out in Greece. A new program
More chemistry than your high school science classroom.