Alison Brie

The actor said she's "truly sorry" for her role as Diane Nguyen, a Vietnamese American character in the Netflix animated series.
Netflix's "Horse Girl" is the highlight.
"I adore Alison and would never say a bad word about her, or anyone!" wrote Metz.
Twitter users loved seeing the "Captain Marvel" star working out with the "G.L.O.W." actress.
Actress Alison Brie addressed the sexual misconduct allegations against her brother-in-law, actor James Franco.
"I think we’re waiting to get all the information, but of course now is the time for listening."
Stars came out for the only awards show for actors, by actors
It was previously reported that the actress had been asked to take her top off at an audition.
We're so ready for this dose of big hair, spandex and Alison Brie.
"Women talk about women!" Abbi Jacobson of Comedy Central's "Broad City" shared this semi-sarcastic, potential lead with
All too often, people blur the lines between actor and character. We want the person on the screen to be the person on the talk shows. We don't allow celebrities to make mistakes, and when they do they make the covers of magazines for all the wrong reasons.
The great new comedies that feature talking animals and endearing narcissists -- and sometimes both.