Amber Heard

The actor apologized to her "Aquaman" co-star for using his "pecs to make a point" after an image of her own nipple was taken down.
Actor Olivia Munn and women victimized by gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar also spoke about sexual violence during the United Nations General Assembly.
The "Aquaman" actress' lawyer calls the allegation "absurd, offensive and categorically untrue."
The actor claimed as part of his defamation lawsuit that she "hit, punched and kicked" him.
At a New York conference, the "Aquaman" actress discussed "falling madly in love with a beautiful woman” in 2008.
The actress claims her then-partner attacked her over a love scene with James Franco, went on an abusive ecstasy bender and head-butted her.
The DC universe star breaks down exactly why we need more complex female superheroes.
The star really immersed herself in the underwater theme for the movie's London premiere.
"Amazing," said the Seattle shop owner who sold the headpiece to Heard's stylist.
The actress’ name was included on a list of sizable donations to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
Depp’s ex-wife feels that the "Harry Potter" author and Warner Bros. cherry-picked certain lines from a joint statement made by the former couple.
"I can say that my private life is my private life. Or I could not let go and own it."
The romance began in the shadow of Heard's split from ex-husband Johnny Depp.
Get a load of that lipstick smooch on his cheek.