American Idol

"I love your voice so much,” then-judge Steven Tyler told the singer at her audition.
The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with friends and family in London.
From big hair to sequins to shoulder pads and bandage dresses, the singer, dancer and former "American Idol" judge has worn it all.
Jennifer Hudson made a surprise appearance to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin, who was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize Special Citation and is the first woman to win the award.
“It’s true when I say that ‘you can’t cry pretty,’” the country star wrote.
“It goes to show you, you just don’t give up," the winner said.
The "American Idol" veteran goes pleasantly retro on the first single to his fourth album, out later this year.
One of the favorites showed why he's a "phenomenon" during the Top 5 competition.
The singer had the chops and a compelling backstory, but judges saved Laci Kaye Booth instead.
Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon movingly channeled Freddie Mercury on Queen night for his pastor father, who does not accept his sexuality.
The singer cleverly flipped the script when a magazine claimed there was “bad blood” between her and her fellow “American Idol” alum.
"How dare you come out and sing that song 100 times better than me," the judge kidded.
The gyrating contestant left a swooning Katy Perry in need of fake CPR from Luke Bryan.
Katy Perry & Co. marveled at his range in singing "Time After Time" with "The Color Purple" musical star Cynthia Erivo.
He was on the show last year and caught a break to return much improved.
Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon said he hopes to "bring hope" to others through his experiences.
Katy Perry said the singer's "different vibe" makes her "wanna make out with someone."
The "American Idol" veteran says he and his boyfriend "have been official for months."
Johanna Jones sang with commitment, then got one from her boyfriend.