America's Got Talent

The "America's Got Talent" alum hopes his new video will prompt others to “rediscover their inner light."
Judge Gabrielle Union said the winning act has "changed the world."
The acrobats had fans flipping over them on the video-sharing website.
The singer lived up to the hype in the semifinals, months after his Golden Buzzer performance went viral.
The singers impressed judge Simon Cowell and brought down the house in the live quarterfinal.
The grumpy TV judge called one act "the worst live performance I have ever seen."
The 22-year-old performer sang a stirring rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water."
"The Office" star and guest judge loved the "spectacle" and so did the other judges.
The "America's Got Talent" judge and husband Brooke Laich took a test to plot their sexual compatibility.
Ben Trigger took matters into his own hands in a lively routine.
Host Terry Crews did the honors after he said he saw himself in the dazzling hopefuls.
HuffPost got an exclusive first listen to the track from the "America's Got Talent" veteran.
Tyler Butler-Figueroa fought back against cancer and his bullies in a stunning performance of "Stronger."
The disability community and advocates say the talented musician, who's blind and autistic, is being turned into inspiration porn.
The color-changing sleight-of-hand artist praised previous "AGT" magician winner Shin Lim, then did his own spectacular thing.
The "America's Got Talent" alum canoodles with a handsome beau before the two part ways with a passionate dance in his new video.
The reigning "AGT" champ's card tricks come up aces as he advances to the finals.
Simon Cowell messed with her at first, but the former "AGT" finalist got a happy ending.
The former runner-up slays "Fight Song" to vault into the finals.