America's Got Talent

She moved on with the show in style, earning "million dollar" praise from Simon Cowell.
The kid returned for the quarterfinals after wowing judges in the season premiere.
Matt Mauser earned a standing ovation from the "America's Got Talent" judges with his stunning performance of Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds.”
Spoiler alert: She deservedly got the Golden Buzzer from model Heidi Klum.
The “Modern Family” star basically thought she killed her fellow judge on “America’s Got Talent.”
The martial arts team declined an invitation to the Tokyo Olympics, but had a golden moment on the show.
The singer, who also goes by Nightbirde, got the Golden Buzzer amid a grim prognosis.
"Mariah better watch out," judge Heidi Klum said after the Filipino singer hit the high notes of "All By Myself."
Meghan Markle highlighted the Season 15 final with a shoutout to another contestant.
The Kazakh teen wowed the judges with a rendition of Jessie J's "Who You Are."