Amy Sedaris

"At Home with Amy Sedaris" is the funny, lovable antidote to a Pinterest-perfect world.
On "At Home with Amy Sedaris," there are only "Hers" and "Also Hers" towels.
Get a load of Stephen Colbert in 1992. Some impressive physical comedy, no? Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Tumbleweeds
There's something in the Los Angeles air right now attracting New Yorkers. All over the city you can find New York galleries, designers, fashion labels, creatives and with a little luck, one of New York's finest photographers, Jason Frank Rothenberg.
I was watching TV with Max and this elaborate commercial with fireworks comes on for KY Jelly. Max turns to me, dead serious, and says, "Mommy, would you like me to buy some KY for you as a present?" I told him, "That's okay, you already got me a lovely Christmas gift, but thank you."
Amy Sedaris Archival pigment print 2 x 2 inches Edition of 10 Cindy Sherman Untitled #362 from the Hollywood/Hampton Types
With only 10 episodes of "The Colbert Report" left, it makes sense that one of Stephen's oldest friends would pop by for
David Letterman is welcoming another dog into his home -- but that may not be good news. Amy Sedaris appeared on the "Late
Online dating is hard enough without having to learn how to use a new app every six months. But who better to capture the
Not quite young enough to consider yourself "just out of college," yet still not quite old enough to spend all your free time worrying about back pain, 25 is the first age where everyone seems to expect you to have figured it out, and you may be quietly losing your mind if you haven't.