Amy Sedaris

Fans asked Sedaris not to "glorify" the singer, whose controversial life included 13 Grammy wins and multiple allegations of child sexual abuse.
"At Home with Amy Sedaris" is the funny, lovable antidote to a Pinterest-perfect world.
On "At Home with Amy Sedaris," there are only "Hers" and "Also Hers" towels.
There's something in the Los Angeles air right now attracting New Yorkers. All over the city you can find New York galleries, designers, fashion labels, creatives and with a little luck, one of New York's finest photographers, Jason Frank Rothenberg.
I was watching TV with Max and this elaborate commercial with fireworks comes on for KY Jelly. Max turns to me, dead serious, and says, "Mommy, would you like me to buy some KY for you as a present?" I told him, "That's okay, you already got me a lovely Christmas gift, but thank you."