Angelina Jolie

Actor and United Nations special envoy talks to some young victims wounded in the missile strike on the Kramatorsk railway station.
"That could've been a different story," the Grammy winner quipped as she touched on her unsuccessful audition in a chat with Ellen DeGeneres.
A montage of Angelina's career for her 40th birthday
The U.N. refugee agency said it hopes that Jolie’s visit would draw attention to growing humanitarian needs in Yemen.
Unkempt, scraggly extensions have no place on your head. We have expert advice for blending them in, plus some suggestions for good ones to buy.
At the British premiere of "Eternals," the 15-year-old showed she has inherited the family's impeccable sense of style in an upcycled Dior gown.
The state Supreme Court’s decision means the fight over Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s five minor children — which was nearing an end — could just be getting started.
The "Eternals" star quickly turned the focus back to her new movie without missing a beat.
Buzz for the Marvel blockbuster starring Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek is building ahead of its Nov. 5 theatrical release.
The Oscar winner walked the red carpet with five of her six children Monday -- but it was her eldest daughter's vintage look that stole the show.