Angelina Jolie

The "Maleficent" star has been spotted at her ex-husband's apartment twice in one week.
Jolie is expected to challenge the tentative ruling, which grants Pitt more time with their children.
Marvel's next big blockbuster from "Nomadland" director Chloé Zhao stars Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kumail Nanjiani and Richard Madden.
Jolie is still going through a divorce with her ex Brad Pitt, five years after the couple called it quits.
"I wear your blood around my neck," the rapper wrote in a Valentine's Day post about Fox.
The actor reflected on aging, her mother's early death and living five minutes from Brad Pitt in a new issue of British Vogue.
The "La La Land" star hilariously recounted sitting next to Brangelina at her first Golden Globes.
"Her connection to her country, her continent, is her own and it’s something I only stand back in awe of," Jolie said of her daughter.
The actor wrote a revealing New York Times op-ed about her memories of her mother and father.
In a Time essay, the "Maleficent" star explained how self-isolation is likely to “fuel a direct rise in trauma and suffering" among America's youth.