Anna Kendrick

The new film, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, isn’t exploitative. It’s just not executed well.
The "Alice, Darling" star told Seth Meyers her date's "really intense move" soured her completely.
“I never thought she liked me,” Kendrick told the “Armchair Expert” host after he explained why his wife is envious of the “Alice, Darling” star.
“We had embryos together, this was my person,” Kendrick said while speaking candidly about how hard it was to end a long-term romance that got toxic.
The "Pitch Perfect" star kept trapped fellow passengers calm and laughing before firefighters helped them escape.
Anna Kendrick Kills It In Love Life | Good Vibes Only
The actor kept her former partner’s identity private, but revealed she was in an emotionally abusive relationship that inspired her latest role.
The actor responded to a viral tweet about how her song from the original "Pitch Perfect" movie forced a summer camp to ban empty cups.
The "Pitch Perfect" actor joked about the "fun thing" that came out of the brief breach of privacy.
The stars of "Pitch Perfect" recorded the rendition remotely to aid UNICEF.