Anthony Pellicano

"If you can imagine being prosecuted for something that isn't a crime and being imprisoned for something that isn't a crime
Regardless of whether the star and his lawyer spied on Sapir, Judge Elihu Berle ruled on Monday that the allegations weren't
Following an emotional appeal by frail, frightened-looking former Los Angeles Times writer Anita Busch, U.S. District Court
The current News of the World phone hacking scandal isn't the only heinous example of wiretapping crimes against the unsuspecting
How did Arnold Schwarzenegger manage to hide the fact that he'd sired a child with his housekeeper while holding down perhaps
Former Hollywood journalist Anita Busch is pushing ahead with a lawsuit against Michael Ovitz and AT&T for damages stemming
Ivory's Ghosts: The White Gold of History and the Fate of the Elephants is a meticulous examination of the allure of ivory that reads like a novel and is impossible to put down.
Do the liberal values of dialogue and compromise actually have any effect when dealing with this powerful network?
Last week a mix of water and sanitation experts gathered for World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden to mull over the world's biggest public health crisis. The problem is that not enough people paid attention.
The actual bottom line is that even with a few embarrassing and inconvenient moments, the rich and powerful citizens of Los Angeles (and a few other places) didn't have to go to jail.