April Fools Day

Armed police swarmed the woman’s home in Wichita, Kansas. She was arrested on suspicion of unlawful request for emergency service assistance.
The first lady surprised journalists and members of her own team during a flight from California to Washington.
The "Old Town Road" singer and rapper's short-lived reverse coming out got the likes of Adam Rippon and Troye Sivan talking.
The late night talk show host shared some “simple ways to torment your loved ones" in the age of social distancing.
The actress who plays Arya Stark on the hit show pulled an epic April Fools' gag on "The Tonight Show."
"I should have read this before I signed it," the actor said.
This post originally appeared on Gays With Kids. By David Blacker. It’s late at night. You can’t sleep. You put on the TV