A cat-focused art exhibit is set to "pay tribute to celebrity cat dad and internet meme muse” Cage with seven original pieces.
Artists led by the nonprofit Positive Street Art reportedly spent about 100 hours over a two-week period on the homage to “Donkey Kong.”
The research-based artist has found dynamic ways to confront conversations about female empowerment, motherhood and labor in her artwork.
"I don't get it. It looks like he got his portrait taken at the DMV," "The Daily Show" host said.
The piece saw a storm of criticism this week as onlookers debated the use of artificial intelligence in the arts.
Photo-hanging kits, drills, stud finders and other gear you need to decorate your place.
"Mark and I... went to our bedroom to take off our clothes. Slowly, shyly, we walked back to the study."
Three previously unknown sketches by celebrated 20th-century artist Amedeo Modigliani were found hiding beneath the surface of one of his paintings.
The cake attack left a conspicuous white creamy smear on the glass but the famous work by Leonardo da Vinci wasn't damaged.
Despite being held in ICE custody, the famed scammer had the very white privilege of hosting her own art show, titled “Allegedly,” at the Public Hotel.