Art Basel

Tila Studios is helping black women artists gain access to places where they've historically been shut out.
Each artist is also required to open the door to their hotel room during the event hours and engage with guests touring the show.
In the present climate, art challenges us to face our fears and get stronger. "Art is the great connector," says Ms. Wilkins
(Art of Courtney Einhorn) The art works exhibited were literally from every spectrum, facet and genre. There were so many
In the Middle East region today--for many, especially young women--art appears as a bullet-proof mask, an escape valve, or
New York dealer Jack Shainman strategically showed a painting by Kerry James Marshall, who has received a lot of attention
Photo Courtesy The Bass Photo courtesy Anne Spalter Photo courtesy BFA Dom Pérignon's Annual Art Basel Party at WALL The
It's Art Basel week in Miami, or Miami Art Week - the difference is that the "real" Basel is in the convention center in
This “Gossip Girl” star has gone in a new direction.
Key West Sunset, 2016, by Steven J. Manolis Watercolor, gouache and acrylic on paper, 60 X 40 in. Flamingo 1832, 2016, Acrylic
Before the Internet, the art market had long taken heat for being exclusive and secretive. Today, social media platforms
5. Why art? Growing up I was always drawn to art-- It was my favorite subject in school....I would sit in my parents kitchen
What has been the response not only in the Diaspora but the art world to your alter ego? Really, it's just a way to name