Art In America

"Wake me up when I'm in heaven." These are the opening words of M.E.'s poem, which speaks to the challenges of prolonged immigration detention.
Funded by Walmart heiress Alice Walton, the show-stopping shrine to American art drew headlines the moment it opened in tiny
Thankfully, a new campaign called "Art Everywhere" seems to agree. Organized by five American art museums and the Outdoor
Today marks what would have been the 146th birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright, the man who designed more than 1,000 architectural
Johns was born in 1930 in Augustana, Georgia, and was later raised in rural South Carolina. After briefly attending university
“We are disappointed that the musicians have chosen to strike and deeply regret any inconvenience to our patrons,” Brent
The brazen artist and his larger-than-life persona are the subject of Oko gallery's new exhibit, simply titled "Julian Schnabel
Today is the birthday of famed 20th century painter and illustrator, Norman Rockwell. Popular for his depictions of everyday
Today is the birthday of Barbara Kruger, the subversive female artist known to harness the power of print media in her bold
What do you think, readers? Scroll through a slideshow of images from the Alexander's new parking garage and let us know
When New York-based photographer Davide Luciano crashed into a pothole with his car, the artist decided to get a little creative
Today is the birthday of neoexpressionist artist and graffiti king extraordinaire, Jean-Michel Basquiat. The celebrated American
HP: Similar question: What musical genre have you not yet explored and what intimidates you, musically or otherwise? Jake
The curiously named organization, housed in the Proteus Gowanus Gallery space in Brooklyn, is an arts-meets-science, subcultural
Mr. P: Oh yes, I do create scenarios, characters, and melodies all day long -- on the bus, or in the library -- everywhere
Take a look through the slideshow below to see more notable works that are featured in the show and let us know your favorite
Ruff's dexterity runs in the family. Her grandparents owned a scrap paper company in Chicago and taught her how to value
It's not everyday that you see a banana in place of a phone in a public phone booth, or beach balls as swings. For Madrid
Berndt: Not really. For me, each "biggie" (thats [what] I call them) has a little story. The fact that it comes without words
Iraq used to be merely a name on a map for many Americans before September 11, 2001. After nine years of war, it's still