Art In America

"Wake me up when I'm in heaven." These are the opening words of M.E.'s poem, which speaks to the challenges of prolonged immigration detention.
In the latest issue of Huffington magazine, we take a look at the museum's current headline-getter. Unlike comparable exhibitions
Set for the summer of 2014, the exhibition of American artists encourages audiences to choose which paintings and photographs
Wright, who was born in Wisconsin in 1867, began his architecture career as a draftsman in Chicago in the late 1880s. His
In honor of Jasper Johns' 83rd birthday, we are revisiting a post originally published last year honoring the artist's life
Nope, That's Not A Banksy Masterpiece: No, this traffic cone is not a work of street art by Banksy. (The Courier) MORE ARTS
Though small in size, the exhibit has taken on an interesting format. Each painting receives a two-week spotlight, whereby
Today is the birthday of famed 20th century painter and illustrator, Norman Rockwell. Popular for his depictions of everyday
Today is the birthday of Barbara Kruger, the subversive female artist known to harness the power of print media in her bold
What can you expect from a $44 million, boutique style art hotel, though? Of course they would hire an artist to creep around