At AMC's grand finale screening in Los Angeles on Sunday evening, I witnessed some of the red carpet hullabaloo and general fan hysteria behind the award-winning series.
Is that Lana Del Rey? Nope, it's just Ashley Greene in something retro-looking. The brunette beauty was spotted filming a
Furthermore, three tenants of the West Hollywood Granville Towers "allege that Greene was a horrible neighbor who never apologized
Grint: Yeah, he has a cameo. He plays the cab driver. He was lovely. He was such a nice guy. I was kind of surprised he was
Earlier in September, the part-time model was seen filming her movie "Staten Island Summer" and tanning topless on set. However
Though temperatures were only in the high 60s in New York on Monday, Ashley Greene was still clinging to the last moments
Check out Greene in her short shorts below: The former "Twilight" star has sported them all summer, everywhere from concerts
When Ashley Greene isn't on a boat, she's working on her bikini body. The "Twlight" star was pictured leaving a Los Angeles
Ashley Greene shows off her white bra while heading out for dinner with some gal pals at Chili's on Saturday (August 10) in
"CBGB," a movie about one of New York's most legendary venues, has a new trailer. In it, Alan Rickman stars as overall-clad
So, how does she get those legs so toned? The actress is apparently a trapeze artist -- she posted this picture on Instagram
Kendrick is currently filming the musical "The Last Five Years" in New York, and she was mentioned as a possibility to star
After tragically losing one of her two pooches in a fire a couple months back, Ashley Greene has found herself some furry
The young stars attended the Oakley Bali Pro/Learn to Surf event in Indonesia, lounging on a boat in their black swimsuits