Asian Celebrities

The 30-year-old actor talks about what it meant to be a part of the HBO series, Black and Asian storytelling in Hollywood, and what’s next for him.
In her new Netflix series, the actor adds to her formidable career of dynamic characters, from Dr. Cristina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” to Eve Polastri on “Killing Eve."
“I feel English, British, European, Chinese, Asian. You can embrace all sides of it,”  Chan said at the Apex for Youth Gala on Wednesday.
For many Asians, Sandra Oh's hosting gig was EVERYTHING.
The "Killing Eve" star also hosted the night's ceremony with comedian Andy Samberg.
The actress' family members wore T-shirts with Oh's iconic quote from the 2018 Emmys, "It's an honor just to be Asian."
“I’ve stayed the same throughout. It’s just people’s perception of you changes.”
“I think it’s so important to see a confident, outspoken, man bun-sporting Asian man on screen," says actor Alexander Hodge.
It wouldn't be "Asian Bachelorette" without a karaoke one-on-one.
“People look to cinema to spread the word and to tell these wonderful, outrageous stories or true-to-life documentaries. It’s such an important format for us to put our faces on and normalize."