Aziz Ansari

The "Master Of None" actor was accused of sexual assault last year in a piece that appeared online.
The comedian and "Master of None" star announced a new stand-up comedy special, directed by Oscar-winner Spike Jonze.
For those who have watched Leslie and Ben fall in love a few too many times.
The comedian and actor opened up about the sexual misconduct allegation against him during a stand-up set in NYC.
She also called the Trump family "a bunch of monsters" during her interview with HuffPost.
A Netflix exec said the streaming service would “certainly be happy” to make another “Master of None” season with Ansari, but didn’t commit to a release timeline.
“It’s not a crime, but it’s not cool. And it can still really mess with a woman.”
“For women, I hope the takeaway here is that pleasure is our birthright."
Warning: You’re going to want to smash your face into a plate of pasta.
There’s a reckoning happening among South Asians who may have lost an idol, but it was never about pitting white women against brown men.
Actor Aziz Ansari did not attend the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards and when his name was read, the audience did not applaud.
The HLN anchor read a portion of an email in which Katie Way bashed her age and looks.
By now, many of us have read’s published account of a date between “Grace,” an anonymous 23-year-old photographer
"Make sure the other person is not just willing, but damn well enthusiastic," wrote “The Good Place” star.
As a gay man, I have been conditioned to navigate and appreciate discussions about consent.
If the #MeToo movement is going to last, we need to renegotiate the sexual narratives we’ve long accepted.