John Robert Allman's "Boys Dance!" explains how fancy footwork can pay off at school and in sports, while spotlighting male role models in the art form.
The iconic ballerina said she wants to help fellow dancers who are out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Black and brown dancers are using their minds, bodies and convictions to change the world of ballet, inside and out.
Workers unions launched massive strikes earlier this month against President Emmanuel Macron’s planned changes to the French retirement system.
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This New York City ballerina shares everything she wears in a day, including her preferred leotards, tights, pointe shoes and the most comfortable sneakers ever.
The "Good Morning America" co-anchor issued her second apology for mocking the royal's dance lessons.
The "Good Morning America" co-host said she was sorry for her "insensitive comments."
The mocking montage is set to Spandau Ballet's hit "True."
A 3-month-old named Naz flashed the Duke of Sussex a beautiful smile during a visit in London.
“Man should be a man and woman should be a woman,” the famed dancer, who has been called the "James Dean of ballet," wrote on Instagram.
Misty Copeland is “on pointe” talking about more representation in the ballet world.
Misty Copeland is “on pointe” talking about more representation in the ballet world.
"Eventually little kids are going to look at that and say 'oh that's what a ballerina looks like.'"
"Girl" was deemed "a stunning debut" for its director and star.
Most boys who dance do so without the support of their fathers, and many are tormented by their male relatives.
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A flagship company lost its leader over harassment and abuse allegations, but ballet's problems aren't unique to one company.