A skeletal Joaquin Phoenix is the latest actor to try his hand at the most overrepresented “Batman” villain.
Warner Brothers picked the "Twilight" star to be Bruce Wayne after a close competition with actor Nicholas Hoult.
Some fans aren't happy the former "Twilight" star may sink his teeth into the role for "The Batman."
It was a busy visit for the "Triple Frontier" actor on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
But the "Star Wars" actor, who has voiced Batman's nemesis in cartoons, admits there are limits to the respect.
The president invited the actor to his Trump Tower office during the filming of the third Batman movie.
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We managed to get our hands on Donald Trump’s old vlogs that he deleted after becoming president.
“I’ve got two words that I want you all to remember ... I'm Batman."
It's called "Batman Ninja" and it looks spectacular.
Joshua Nowlan, 36, Aurora, Colorado. Aurora theater shooting, July 20, 2012. Joshua Nowlan worked at a cinema advertising
Listen, the superhero drama isn't all bad, but it has some superweird moments worth talking about.
"My Heroes" wants kids to know it's "OK to be who you want."
I have never known anyone in my life with more determination and strength than my daughter. Never have I seen someone persevere