Before the Beat Drops

The cover of Peru's debut EP Ordinary People is a rendered pineapple, the delicious prize of the Caribbean that came to denote hospitality sometime during the 17th century.
For every audience member waiting to air drum on the downbeat after the measure of 5/4 after the preceding measure of 3/4, or trade power chords for something jazzier, Time King is your band.
Other than hailing from Chicago, there is very little known about new artist Goodbye Tomorrow. Premiering his/their debut
When it comes to writing, Kids -- Matthew Barrios, Joshua Diaz, Christian Gonzalez, Josiah Sampson -- work to "celebrate
No matter how much research you put into figuring out who will be the hottest new artists of each year, another act comes
"No Autobiography" will be available for purchase in spring 2015. Before The Beat Drops is an artist introduction series
Ryn Weaver Tink Determined to constantly challenge himself and the listener, Alex Wiley’s last release, “Top of the World
Tapping back into the sound that made Pierszalowski want to pick up a guitar in the first place, the band's four-track EP
About halfway into his next album, which will be titled "Silent Party," "Top of the World" functions as a sonic bridge. For
"I consider this project to be everything that I have been working toward for the past three or four years," Hunter said