Before the Beat Drops

The cover of Peru's debut EP Ordinary People is a rendered pineapple, the delicious prize of the Caribbean that came to denote hospitality sometime during the 17th century.
For every audience member waiting to air drum on the downbeat after the measure of 5/4 after the preceding measure of 3/4, or trade power chords for something jazzier, Time King is your band.
Other than hailing from Chicago, there is very little known about new artist Goodbye Tomorrow. Premiering his/their debut
"Rich Coast" will be available for purchase on Jan. 27. "One of the most effective ways to reignite ones 'wonder' is to remove
“Life on the road can be pretty rough, and as a way of sort of escaping into the self, we kind of imagined space as a metaphor
Originating from Pittsburgh, Mariage Blanc's new album, "No Autobiography," is a fuzzy goulash of sounds pulled from Laurel
Hail Mary Mallon This isn’t Mark Ronson’s first rodeo, but his Bruno Mars collaboration, “Uptown Funk,” is finally garnering
The son of a commercial salmon fisherman, Pierszalowski spent the summers of his childhood in Alaska, even joining his father
“I’m trying to make dark, beautiful things, essentially, because I want my music to stand beyond now," Wiley added. "My whole
"I felt like I was using all these tools and all these sounds because I knew them and I grew up with them and that was what
Humor, or the attempt of it, is a tool often used in the wrong space and time. For Green and his bandmates -- Colin Frangicetto
It is now Julius' goal to create music that takes listeners on a journey resting within a pop framework. While there's a
Before The Beat Drops is an artist introduction series dedicated to bringing you the rising acts before they make their break
You can download "Don't Forget Me" for free on the band's Soundcloud page. "Young Bloomer" will be available for purchase
Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the last we heard from Author -- Trevor Bartlett (vocals/guitar), Cameron Bartlett (drums
Hailing from Phoenix, the band includes Justin Reece, Slade Echeverria, Matt Keller, Caleb Williams, Eric Guzman, pulling
Obviously excited, she ran back to the bed, which is actually Cashmere Cat's. "He's lived here for a year or something and
This personal, but matter-of-fact resolve is so telling of Rehbein and his partner Philipp Dausch's unique brand of music
"At the core of it, for Sam and I, we're always making sure that there's this really solid song at the center of it," Llyod
He credits social media with fast-tracking the band's success and says the effort has really paid off. They began writing