Betty White

Hamm recalled what happened behind the scenes following a 2010 Emmys sketch with the “Golden Girls” icon.
The pop-up eatery features dishes like Sophia’s Lasagna Al Forno and Blanche’s Georgia Style Cookie ― and may be coming soon to a city near you.
Upon the news of Betty White’s passing, her admirers reflected on everything that made her such a beloved legend.
Cher recorded "Thank You For Being A Friend" for NBC's upcoming tribute to the TV icon.
The "Golden Girls" star told fans to "stick around" in the clip recorded just days before she died at the age of 99.
“She was radiant and beautiful," Kiersten Mikelas captioned the picture shared on what would have been the entertainment legend's 100th birthday,
Artists from across the country want to thank the beloved “Golden Girls” actor for being a friend.
On Monday, fans of White will be poised to donate to animal welfare charities and shelters to honor the entertainment icon.
The beloved “Golden Girls” actor died aged 99 at her home in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve.
“If Betty says you get to be with the love of your life, then I happily defer to Betty on this,” the "Full House" star wrote on the day White died.