The award-winning pair have something in common — they both previously took on the role of Deena Jones in “Dreamgirls.”
The "Orange Is the New Black" alum thoroughly enjoyed the mix-up as she cheered on Serena Williams.
Everyone has “Renaissance” on repeat for good reason.
R&B singer, songwriter and activist Solange Knowles has surprised fans by dropping her new album "When I Get Home".
Philadelphia reporter Sheila Watko said she would "NEVER recover" from catching Tina Knowles' attention.
Kilmeade said Beyoncé's new album contained "X-rated" lyrics and shamed her for "dancing around" while "barely dressed."
The singer name-checked Lewinsky in her song "Partition," but the former White House intern is hoping Beyoncé will consider a rewrite.
The pop superstar drew criticism from disability advocates over the weekend.
The dance album captures the diversity of Black people and music. It also gives fans the uptempo bops they've been wanting since "B'Day."
The Grammy-award winning singer is now recording a track on her hit album “Renaissance” after complaints it contained an ableist slur.