'The Big Bang Theory'

Micucci said her diagnosis was a huge surprise given her history with smoking.
The "Big Bang Theory" actor said it "just wasn’t on my radar" until a certain someone came along.
The "Big Bang Theory" actor thanked the "Friends" star for speaking about her efforts to have a child.
"The Big Bang Theory" star beamed in photos to celebrate the announcement.
The "Big Bang Theory" star recalled signing an amputation waiver after a horseback riding accident that landed her in emergency surgery.
The actor was initially rejected for the role, and a few big names from the 1990s were very close to snagging it instead.
The former couple, who also played love interests on the CBS hit comedy, spoke in detail about their romance and breakup and how they kept it secret.
Neuroscientist & Emmy-nominated actress Mayim Bialik talks with Ricky about why she isn't shy to breast feed whenever the time calls for it.
The "Flight Attendant" star said she was dealing with so much stress, she "could barely walk."
The actors became Instagram official in May, months after the actor split from her second husband.