'The Big Bang Theory'

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Jim Parsons told Ellen DeGeneres that the role the show has played in their lives is more than he and his fellow actors "can get a grip on."
The star is reportedly the one who pulled the plug on the still-successful show.
On Christmas Eve, the "Big Bang Theory" star said she was "not doing so well."
"I'm newly single and not doing so well," the "Big Bang Theory" actress wrote -- plus her cats have forced her out of her own bed.
"Would you walk up to me and say this straight to my face?" the "Big Bang Theory" actress said.
The "Big Bang Theory" actress said she spotted the pup "lost and in pain."
The England-born Indian actor told Ellen DeGeneres it "never made sense" to tell LGBTQ people who they can love.
The actress who plays Amy has a laugh at president's expense over one way-out notion.
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