Bill Maher

The "Real Time" host visited Gutfeld's show, and that time Trump sued Maher came up.
The now-sober "Jackass" alum recently asked Maher to refrain from smoking weed while he appeared on Maher's podcast.
The friendly comics sparred when Burr, who said he’s “on the side of the kids” when it comes to the Israel-Gaza conflict, mocked Maher on his own show.
The director was accused of sexually abusing his adopted daughter when she was 7.
“If you’re an actor, you should do anything you want to do," Williams said during an appearance on Bill Maher's podcast.
The “Jackass” alum is 16 years sober and said he asked Maher to refrain from smoking out of respect for his recovery.
The late night host had some pointed words about the controversial rapper’s public outbursts against Jewish people.
The former New York governor was previously accused by 11 different women of nonconsensual kissing, touching and sexual remarks.
Maher recently criticized Stern for praising his own wife on his own show — and said Stern should think about his ex-wife before doing so.
Stern said Maher “ought to shut his mouth” after the political commentator criticized him for expressing his love for his wife, Beth Stern.