Billy Joel

“Somehow, Fall Out Boy made an all-time bad song even worse,” one critic said about the remake of Billy Joel's 1989 hit, which name-checks Obama and Trump.
The "Late Show" host praised the "crystallized genius" of the two-word insult the ex-president reportedly aimed at the Florida governor.
“I couldn’t let the night go by without doing something by Jeff," Joel told the New York City crowd.
The pop star wowed Madison Square Garden with the perfect tune for the occasion. Then, the pair followed it up with an even more fitting duet.
Although the "Piano Man" singer also offered praise to Adele, he was clearly in a Taylor state of mind when he made the comparison.
The "Piano Man" singer joked about "creating a bond between me and the audience where I know they will never pay another nickel to see me again."
The singer's response to Charlottesville made that performance one of the most memorable of his 100 at Madison Square Garden.
She arrived on Sunday to make the musician a father again at age 68.