Blake Lively

The “Free Guy” star, who already has three daughters with wife Blake Lively, offered a sound reason for wanting a household full of female energy.
In celebration of Ryan Reynolds confirming the birth of their third daughter with his wife Blake Lively, here are some of his most precious moments praising the women in his life for making him the man he is today.
The “Gossip Girl” star confirmed the news after sparking speculation during a recent red carpet event.
“He finally posted a decent picture for her birthday,” one commenter wrote on the post.
“We’re still working through that one,” the "Deadpool" actor said of the outlandish purchase.
“I'm like, 'This is your mom.' I mean, come on!” the “A Simple Favor” star said.
Ryan Reynolds keeps proving he’s the king of Twitter, this time by trolling his friend, Hugh Jackman.