Blake Lively

Reynolds celebrated the "Gossip Girl" star's 36th birthday in a very uncharacteristic way.
Ryan Reynolds — the real father of the couple's four children — has yet to respond.
The "Shallows" star became her own curator at a royal museum-style show featuring her Met Gala dress.
Fans are already theorizing the famous couple is participating in a celebrity edition of the beloved show.
Reynolds released a professional song and video instructing people how to pronounce the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” actor’s last name.
The "Shallows" star attended a Wrexham AFC game and expertly played someone in the stands.
The “You” star said he felt a “dark undercurrent” during his otherwise “fun and fast-paced” time shooting “Gossip Girl.”
"You are quite literally my heart. You’re my hope. You’re my happiness,” said Reynolds as he accepted the People's Icon trophy.
The “Free Guy” star, who already has three daughters with wife Blake Lively, offered a sound reason for wanting a household full of female energy.