Blake Lively

It happened "REALLY fast," quipped Lively. "He wept. I pretended to weep."
The singer, who released her album "Folklore" last month, revealed one inspiration for the album's 14th song while introducing it on the radio.
The actor said he and his wife will "always be deeply and unreservedly sorry for" getting married at Boone Hall, a South Carolina plantation.
“I think this just got me pregnant,” Lively said, prompting the actor's funny reply.
The "Simple Favor" star's looks at the annual fashion event had a very specific color scheme for three years straight.
"The Shallows" star took the Tinder approach to her husband's shredded coach.
The actor talked to Stephen Colbert about social distancing to stop the spread of coronavirus and what it's been like with wife Blake Lively and their children.
The couple donated a collective $1 million to food banks helping those in need during the outbreak.
"The Rhythm Section" star owned "The Tonight Show" host in the game.
The "Deadpool" actor says all the letters in his baby's name are silent.