Boardwalk Empire

We all have our own truth, our own cross to bear, but no matter your gender, orientation, skin color, or what you believe -- know that your life, your pain, your joy, your voice, is immensely important, regardless of all the yellers.
If you've ever admitted you didn't want to think about what goes into the sausage, maybe you also don't want to know all the ingredients behind the music that came out of 1970s New York.
In a very small town in the middle of the Nevada desert a young girl strips off her clothes, a drifter gets vulnerable and opens her heart, drugs factor without judgment, and the two characters veer into darkness as they hopefully and hopelessly search for all the pieces of who they are to become.
One of "Boardwalk Empire"‘s saddest images—spoiler alert–was that of the mask of Richard Harrow, the show’s facially disfigured
Nelson Van Alden, Chalky White, Mickey Doyle, Valentin Narcisse -- "Boardwalk Empire" Charlie Skinner -- "The Newsroom" Bertram
Carole Cortland Russo, Jimmy and Flo Alo's niece who was raised by the couple, is finishing a biography about her uncle. Carole was Jimmy's constant companion in his later years, and cared for him until the end of his life.
A New Jersey boy through and through -- he was born and raised in the tough streets of Newark -- Garlitos never imagined
KG and Jaybles have done it again. Festival Supreme has now blossomed into the Coachella of comedy, drawing the best and brightest of today's stand ups and musical acts and has now become the place for legends to reunite.
Five seasons of intrigue, betrayal and mobster milestones came to an end on Sunday as the final episode of "Boardwalk Empire
(Spoiler alert: Stop reading if you have not watched the series finale of "Boardwalk Empire.") What did you think of the
You've seen Eric Ladin's mug plenty of times and probably laughed, as I did. That's a trick, people! That's how Eric gets you to fall in love with him! Or admire him. So I fell for it, whatever. You did too.
Catch up on what worked and what made us change the channel during the weekend's must-see TV shows in Monday's edition of
Sunday was a chaotic night for "Boardwalk Empire" fans, and there was also a ton to dissect about "Homeland" and "The Good
"Turn Off the Wave Machine" I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you - all ten of them. So much is being made about this being
Showtime's Ray Donovan triumphs over Boardwalk Empire, The Leftovers and Masters of Sex on Sunday night's festival of the best in TV series. Well, we do have Steve Soderbergh's The Knick.
Grosso, who received the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor award in 1997 alongside former president Bill Clinton, recalls what his own immigrant family used to tell him as a kid.
In “Harry Potter,” they say a Dementor’s kiss is the worst fate possible. Those people have probably never seen “Wilfred
Where did you come up with the idea for “Park Bench”? It started with working with Radical Media and doing the American Express
(h/t Latino Review) (Story Continues Below) The casting comes during the same week that former “Daredevil” showrunner Drew
World Meets the Cape Dee Dee Bridgewater: American Jazz vocalist, thrice Grammy-Award-winning singer/songwriter, and UN Goodwill