BoJack Horseman

For those who want cartoons that are fun and well written.
If you have a Netflix subscription, then you'd better watch these.
Learning Harvey Weinstein was a fan forced Raphael Bob-Waksberg to ask himself tough questions. In Season Five, he tries to answer them.
The lead illustrator for "BoJack Horseman" discusses her new graphic novel and her upcoming Netflix show starring Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong.
Netflix recommendations. This week, "Bojack Horseman" tops the list.
Luke Cage: $2,100 In Harlem, the median rent is $2,100. "Or if you’re a Marvel superhero who uses superhuman strength to
But in Season 3, the show cements its status as that anyway.
Unless you are a pop-culture masochist and find perverse joy in Manimal, the Regan-Era show whose shape-shifting premise was culled from Greco-Roman mythology and whose very brief existence was a Tragedy, you probably won't want to watch a bad TV show for very long. Why would you, in this age of unprecedentedly great TV?
The great new comedies that feature talking animals and endearing narcissists -- and sometimes both.
Be excited, "Arrested Development" and "Full House" fans!
Let me suggest trying some of Netflix's selection of Bollywood movies. I've recently watched a bunch of these, and at the very least, they're more compelling than some Nicholas Cage-paying-off-his-debt-to-the-IRS medieval action flick.
But no matter who the audience, Oswalt's commitment to quality in his work and a deep respect for the art of comedy shines
Okay, now even this post is getting dark. How about a joke? via Tumblr/Ruukie You're probably already familiar with the illustrious
So there's a video making its way around that Internet that features you and Jennifer Lawrence in an old Comedy Central pilot
Hollis is so different from Jesse Pinkman. What was it like to go from a major show to an action film with “Need for Speed