Book Publishing

Once every decade or so, a classic novel is rediscovered from the heap pile of obscurity, casting new light on an author
Comp titles, known in the publishing industry interchangeably as “comparative” or “competitive” titles, are a wonky industry
We know we have choices when it comes to how we obtain books. You can rent books from the library, buy at independent bookstores
Storytellers are the chroniclers of our life and times. They memorialize history, dissect our complex and evolving world
Publishers claim Trump is affecting book sales. The reality might be more complicated.
One of the most thrilling experiences an author can have is walking into a bookstore and finding their book on the shelves
So you’ve decided you have a great idea for a book, but you’re not sure where to start. Perhaps you’re considering self-publishing
The novel by an up-and-coming writer tells the story of an Indian-American family in California.